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Talia is an exceptionally skilled speech therapist. She is warm, friendly, accommodating and is able to relate to older patients in a kind and positive manner. She has been successful in providing speech and overall verbal and written communication and planning strategies.

Andrea Hertzikowitz

Talia is an experienced, highly skilled and professional Speech and Language therapist in Rehabilitation. She is excellent in working with both the adult and paediatric population. She is always approachable and presents with a kind and empathetic nature. Talia has always demonstrated passion for her work. I would definitely recommend her!

Heena Chania

I was a matric student that Talia assisted and my English skills and confidence improved incredibly! I was able to answer comprehension and language questions much better. She cares for her students and is extremely professional. I highly recommend Talk2Me Speech Therapy!!

Shmuli Brill

Tali is an excellent speech therapist. She is passionate about neurorehabilitation and treats her patients with the utmost care and compassion. As a physiotherapist with a special interest in neurology, I am confident to refer my patients to Tali as I know they are in the most capable hands.

Danielle Schneider

My son had 3 years of therapy with Thalia and she made such a difference. She was always kind and patient with him, and on the days he clearly wasn't in the mood for therapy she always took it slow and managed to get him to take part and enjoy it. We'll always be grateful for the difference she made.

Karien Hurter

Talia is an experienced therapist with a wonderfully empathetic and kind approach. She immediately put my son at ease for their sessions which I believe made the sessions all the more effective for him.

Deven Patel

Talia Gritzman is a wonderful blend of astute clinical skill matched with a bed side manner that is kind, empathetic and thoughtful. A rare clinician that is so highly skilled in the management of both adult and paediatric speech Pathology!!

Ferzana Loopoo